At SurgeTrader, where profitable traders can capitalize on their skills and amplify their returns with a real money, funded trader account.


As traders ourselves, we saw how other prop trading companies functioned — offering challenges with complicated rules, tight time restrictions, and lackluster trader support. So, we built a program on three pillars:


  1. Simple, straightforward trading rules

  2. No time limits

  3. Fast, responsive service


Here’s how the program works…


Take a one-step Audition, and once you achieve a 10% profit target, you receive a funded account — up to $1 million. You keep 75% of your profits. Other firms seek to profit when their traders fail, so they offer complicated multi-step funding models with complex rules and stringent time restrictions.


There are only two simple trading rules…

  • A daily loss limit of 4%

  • Maximum trailing drawdown of 5% that locks in at your starting balance as your account grows


Tradable instruments include: FX pairs, indices, stocks, metals, oil and over 250 cryptocurrencies. There are no time limits or minimum trading days required to pass the SurgeTrader Audition. Pass in two days or two months. Once you earn profit in a funded account, you can withdraw your money any time you like, once per calendar month.


And we fund accounts with real money. Many prop firms do not. When you pass their challenge, you are still on a demo account with fake money. They act as a quasi-broker, never putting any money at risk. They profit from the failure of traders. Not SurgeTrader. We stand by you with our own capital.


SurgeTrader accelerates trader funding and helps profitable traders with their biggest challenge: undercapitalization. Our approach is long-term. We profit when you profit. When you win, we all win. Partner with a firm that has simple trading rules, incredible trader support and has your best interests at heart.


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